Thursday, June 24, 2010

Currently Reading: Sleeping Dogs Lie by Mirjam Pressler

Let Sleeping dogs Lie - Mirjam Pressler

Saw this at the Oak Park Public Library last week and picked it up. Ever since learning about Anne Frank, and watching a lot of stories about the Holocaust, I've always been interested in the stories. This one, is supposed to be about what happened to one family who made money off of the suffering.

It talks about a young girl who finds out her family became rich because they stole from one of the families who were victims of the Holocaust, and what she does about it.

I wonder if I'd be brave enough to confront my family about something like this.

Would you? If you knew that confronting your family about it could be the end of all your family's wealth?

I'll let you guys know how the book goes when I finish it!

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