Thursday, March 17, 2011

YA Review: This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous

Read this book in two hours! It was THAT good. So many times I found myself literally laughing out loud. Ms. Beck is either a plus-sized fabulous diva herself, or she surely knows how to get into our heads because Miss Riley Swain was awesome-sauce.

A classic tale of misdirected young love, slipped effortlessly into the frenemy drama we've all grown accustomed to. What I loved about the sub-plot of this book, was that Riley was content and happy with her body. Even while being at "fat camp", she never once let on that she hated her body, and actually spoke more of being quite aware of her shape and size. Her being aware never came off as being ashamed, just aware.

There were some deliciously vile portions where the girls were positively vicious to one-another, but the author found a way to tie up all these ends in a style that wasn't forced or phony. Each person in this fairly quick novel had some variance of personality and depth, and some hidden redeeming quality. While the male characters were few, and somewhat clueless, they were also generally likeable. If there was one thing that I did NOT like, it was the ease with which the author allowed Riley to become "okay" with the idea of mile Myspace and Internet stalking. Not sure that's the right message for girls in this intended age audience.

Other than that, this book was hilarious and sweet, in that "You're my best frenemy and I want your boyfriend", kind of way. ;)

I'm also PSYCHED to see that there is a spin-off featuring the characters in this book with a focus on one of Riley's friends, Samantha. Can't wait


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