Monday, April 25, 2011

YA Graphic Review: Dolltopia by Abby Denson

DolltopiaDolltopia by Abby Denson

I loved this book.

I'm not sure why it was in my library's Adult Graphic Novels and not just general gn's because the message was truly appropriate for YA. The idea of being an individual, and not conforming to the cookie-cutter life that seems predestined for us, is one that I think all of us may need to read.

Kitty Ballerina wants to know the meaning of it all. She wants to understand the purpose behind her cutesy ponytail and tutu. She has no interest in her predetermined beau Scotty or their fashionable Dream Home. In an attempt to discover the life outside of "perfect", she sets out on her own. After meeting up with an "Army Jim" doll, the two of them set out to become part of Dolltopia, where dolls go to be free of humans.

I loved everything about this book actually, from the minimalistic pink, black and white illustrations, to the outstanding afterword provided at the end to tie it all to the "real world".

This was my first title by Abby Denson, but I'm sure now that it won't be my last.

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