Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YA Review: Plan B by Charnan Simon

Plan B (Surviving Southside)Plan B by Charnan Simon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Before I tell you what I did like about this book, let me first say that if you've ever watched a really good episode of Degrassi, or MTV True Life:I'm a Pregnant Teen, etc., then you've already read this book.
It played out sooo seamlessly predictable that it was hard to take it seriously at first. I mean really, Luke and Lucy?!? That's the best you could come up with?

But anyway, what I did like about the book was that for all of its predictability, there were some classy touches that put small twists on the usual pregnant teenager story.

1. I liked that the book did a great job of going over ALL of the choices available to the couple. It didn't sugarcoat the existence of abortion, nor did it criminalize the choice of adoption. Every single scenario was discussed fairly by our two teens.

2. I appreciate a good, honest boyfriend, don't you? I think we've all heard and read enough about the deadbeat teen dad that shirks his responsibility in favor of his new life, new scholarship, etc. The fact that Luke wasn't entirely a jerk, but just a confused boyfriend made him more likable which eventually made me care about what happened to him.

Which brings me to my final positive, which I'm sorry to say, doubles as a negative.
3. There was no solution presented directly in this book. For me that said wonders about what the author thought about readers having heard similar stories to this one. Ms. Simon didn't wrap this story up in a pretty bow and say, "Here's what I think this young couple should do", instead she laid all the facts and arguments out so neatly that the reader is left trying to solve the problem long after the book has ended.

Great job on that, but again, if you've ever watched a teenage pregnancy after-school special, specifically one where the dude isn't a jerk, then you've seen this.

It was a quick read with short chapters and displayed in a style that could appeal to reluctant readers.

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