Thursday, July 8, 2010

YA Graphic Review: Water Baby by Ross Campbell

I picked this one up yesterday and finished it in an hour.
It is in graphic format, which is why my first comment will be:
Ross Campbell’s drawings in this book made me want to go surfing, joy-riding across the country and take a bath.

No, seriously, the story of Brody was one I couldn’t put down right away.  She’s the rebel, tom-boy, outspoken friend that we all have.  Unfortunately for this friend, one of her surfing days ends up with her leg becoming shark food.

The story takes place a year after her accident with her best friend Louissa living with her to help out.  Everything seems to be going well until her ex-boyfriend Jake shows up unexpectedly and wants to stay with the girls for the summer. While dealing with getting used to being on an artificial leg, her feelings for Jake and her fears of the water, Brody is trying her best to put her life back together.

Overall, Brody was a really cool character to follow.  She was odd, but sweet and even in her most raunchy, booger-eating, moments, you couldn’t help but want to be her friend.  I especially liked that she had a good attitude about losing her leg to the shark.  She never played a pity game, or felt sorry for herself, but kept it moving.  Louissa was a really good friend too,who stuck by her through everything and tried her best to help her get used to her new leg and her fear.
When dealings with Jake finally get to a level that Brody won’t tolerate, the group embarks on a ridiculous road-trip, with Brody at the wheel, to get him out of Miami and back to his parents in New York.
Another cool feature is that when the book is held all the way open, you can see a full size pic of Brody.

Should you choose to pick this one up, be mindful of the fact that Brody does discuss her affections for boys, girls, and older men.  She also has an affinity for walking around in her underwear…a lot.  LOL  So, some parents may not dig this one.

I’m interested to see what else Ross Campbell has to offer.

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evelyn.n.alfred said...

I hope my library has this.

Mrs.Tiye said...

I really enjoyed it. There's another shark attack book called "Shark Girl" that was pretty good as well, but not as gritty and funny as this one.

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