Monday, June 20, 2011

YA Graphic Review: Brain Camp by Susan Kim

Brain Camp by Susan Kim
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jenna and Lucas are pains at home.  Jenna is too silly and free-spirited for her prestigious and acadademic family.  Her parents worry about her, and her younger sister doesn't even want to be seen with her.  Lucas, son of a single mom, gets horrible grades despite his intellect.  Both teens and families are surprised when a representative from Camp Fielding visits their home to invite/recruit them.

Camp Fielding is wierd, with no real teachers, only elaborate problems and scenarios for campers to decipher.  There also seems to be a problem with mysterious disappearances, strange dead baby birds, and campers who suddenly become eerily intelligent.

Discovering the secret of Camp Fielding is intense, and it unfolds at various points in the story.  It was a very creepy and yet funny book that made some realistic points about academic pressure, hormones and the benefits of not fitting in.  Realism aside, there were mythical and political points that should engage any reader that loves a good mystery.

A good, quick read.

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