Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are You Listening? *Giveaway*

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a nerd.
Aside from finding great nerdy things for myself, I tend to seek out nerdalicious things to share with my nieces and godchildren.  My goal is to make them the coolest little nerds you ever did see.  But I want them to have fun at the same time.

I came across the Noodleboro Playskool games on a recent trip to Five Below.  I like to keep games and books at my house for family members that visit, and I thought these would make for cute additions to my arsenal of activities.  There was a Pizza Listening game as well as a Manners game.  I grabbed the Listening game to try out.  What attracted me to these sets was the fact that each came with game pieces, a music cd, and also a book!  A complete activity set for $5!!

I knew I liked it, but would it pass the niece test?

Stinks is my 4 year-old niece.  Every Friday, I bring her books and activities for our own personal storytime.  She's a small package, but she has a powerful punch in terms of what she likes and doesn't like, so I was glad to see this smile when I opened the box.

To play the pizza game, the adult player is  the customer, and the child is the pizza maker.  Their job is to listen carefully to your order, make the pizza, and deliver it to you.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, sort of.

These are  toppings cards.  I chose three toppings for my pizza, laid the cards face-up on the table and told Stinks what I wanted on my pizza.  After I placed my order, I turned the cards face-down.

Next, it was her turn to make the pizza!
She had to remember each of the toppings I'd said and shown her, then find them in her toppings.  Once she had them all on the pizza, she could close the box and "deliver" it to me.
The first couple of pizzas were easy for her so I started to add more toppings, or change my order while she was preparing the pizza to see if she was really listening.  After a while, she began to repeat everything after me to make sure she had it right!  I was really impressed with that.

For each successful order, she was able to move her chef's hat up a space until she made it all the way around the pizza board.

I was happy overall with the game, and I really enjoyed how easy it was for us to catch on and how many ways we could change the game's difficulty.  The toppings were traditional things like tomatoes, but also things like smelly socks and rotten eggs which Stinks thought was hilarious.

The attached book, "Listen While You Work", was a funny little tale of how not listening can be disastrous for two boys placed in charge of their local pizza parlor.  The song mentioned in the story is also on the CD, along with quite a few other catchy little tunes.  The story itself was alright, but it did hold her attention.   I will say, though, that depending on how you choose to play, the game can begin to feel more like Memory than Listening, so I suggest you change it up and try it a few different ways to see what works best for you and your little people.

I was truly pleased with this game!  It has made for a nice treat on our Friday nights.  So much so that I'd like to give you the opportunity to try it out as well!  Enter to win a brand new, never touched box for your home or classroom!

Listening Game Giveaway Entry Rules:

  • Leave me a comment below about how you use play to reinforce learning.

Bonus Entries:

Be sure and let me know if you do the bonus entries!
Giveaway closes on Thursday, September 22.
Good Luck!!

9 people wrote some stuff:

JaTara said...

We have a modified version of "I Spy" that my 3-year-old and I play. I will write down a (sight) word and then she has to read it and then go find something related to that word. For example, I write the word "blue", she says "blue" and then she has to look around the room and find something blue.

JaTara said...

I follow MissHootieHoo on facebook. :)

KrishelleMH said...

Trevon only goes to school two days a week right now. So when he is home learning is in everything we do. His favorite activity when we are going on walks is to find "all the shapes around us". Similar to I Spy, we start our journey with a shape, and see how many things we can find of that shape.

Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

When we play I always do things like: counting. How many balls are here... 1, 2, 3 (we count) or uno, dos, tres (now spanish) or color recognition. You can always easily turn play into a learning experience in the simplest ways.

Anonymous said...

That game looks like fun! I play with my 2 year old and reinforce learning in almost all activities. We name the colors of his clothing as we're putting them on, counting his toes while I'm cutting the nails, etc.

Mrs.Tiye said...

I LOVE these!!!
JaTara & Krishelle, I Spy is so totally slept on as a learning game. I use that during my storytimes with my niece as well. Usually its just a letter or a sight word and while we're reading I ask her if she sees it anywhere on the page.

Thanks for the Facebook follow!!

Mrs.Tiye said...

Aisha I'm a big fan of using play and repetition to introduce language as well. We're doing French at the moment, thanks to my dad's gift of a Hooked on French kit. So when we start our time together we say Bonjour and do our Alphabet in English and French. Not as easily utilized as Spanish, I'm sure LOL, but French is so pretty and there are four people in my family who at least know the basics, so we all do our part in reinforcing it.

I'm sure Lady C will be quite fluent if you have anything to say about it. LOL

Mrs.Tiye said...

Hey Mrs.Tdj! Welcome to my side of the web. Your blog cracks me up by way! I have to say I agree with you and Aisha about how easy it is to slip learning in at all times.

Thanks for visiting!! Come back soon!

Sidne,the BCR said...

The game sounds very interesting. I'm going to look it up and include it in my area that I have for nieces and nephew and girlfriends chillings too. lol

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