Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hootie on Location Part II: ILA Conf 2011

The Illinois Library Association Conference took place in Rosemont this past week.  This was my first major library conference.  Back at work, it was also what I felt to be my best week of programming this year, but more on that later. First,

The 2011 ILA Conference:

Hootie on Location Part I: Anderson Books YA Lit Conf

I've been away because I've been SWAMPED!
But in a good way.
First things first, I had the great pleasure of attending the Anderson Books YA Lit Conference in Naperville, IL.
I've seen so many other bloggers talking about it, and I wanted to be sure and shout it out as well.  What an outstanding group of authors and book lovers.  There were tons of things happening in the breakout sessions, but the two parts of this 1 day conference that have made lasting impressions on me were the "What's New in YA lit" session, the inspiring words of author Mike Lupica, and seeing authors Coe Booth and Jacqueline Woodson in person.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Librarian Noire: Thoughts on Being a Librarian

At a mere couple weeks shy of the big 3-0, I am surprised to discover how many of my family and friends are unfamiliar with the importance, value and enjoyment of libraries.

When I first hear that someone doesn't visit the library, I'm always taken aback.  I can't fathom how they got through high school, let alone college, without learning how to navigate and use a public or school library.  Now, I'll admit that I spent a good portion of my youth getting put out of the library with my boisterous classmates.

We'd be given some  assignment by well-meaning teachers who assumed our parents would take us to research, but we'd all get on the bus together and before you knew it, there came security.  But I thought even with that kind of experience that all of those rowdy kids would, like me, return later to finish those projects.  You had to know that the trip with your friends, or that study session with your boo was the practice round.  You ALWAYS, if you wanted a good grade, should know to re-study/re-research.

But I guess that's just my nerd showing.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picture Book Reviews: Toddler Treats

Got a request for some great reads for 3-year old's!  Here's a few of my faves.

Lottie Paris Lives Here by Angela Johnson

Lottie Paris is a busy young lady today.
She and Papa Pete have to visit the park, Lottie has to build a castle in her room, host a tea party,  secretly steal Papa Pete's phone to play with, etc.  You know, normal busy little girl stuff!
Readers of other Angela Johnson stories will love Lottie Paris just as much.  Through the picture on their wall, it's clear that Papa Pete is a single father or maybe even an adoptive dad.  Readers never see his face, so the story takes on a very Muppet Babies feel (Nanny's legs), but he's got just as much personality . LOL
Lottie ends up in the quiet chair a couple times, and she's busier than a bee, but she's also cute as a button and very loving.  Little girls will love the cute and colorful pictures while adults will chuckle at the similarities to Lottie Paris and perhaps a similar girl in their life.  The illustrations are bright and cheery, and Lottie Paris is a serious cutie.