Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pieces of Programming: Making Puppets with Drama Club!

When I first started at my current library, drama club was thriving.  The kids had posed in front of our green screen, made great videos, and did a lot of reader's theater with the former librarian who served as their teacher.  One of my predecessor's last activities here was actually a drama club premiere party, where they got to watch themselves on the big screen (our projector screen), and see what they'd done all year.  I was impressed, and excited, but greatly intimidated.

I'd done drama club as a child myself, and I LOVE performance art, but teaching kids how to do it is not as simple a feat.  Kids are not only balls of energy, but tweens specifically are balls of emotions, and sometimes the drama part of the club is all I knew I could expect to see.  There were also the task of redefining what the club was for and how it ran for me, as opposed to what they were used to with the other librarian.  Her plans and outcomes were great, but I needed to determine my own goals.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Named!

Thanks to K.C. Boyd over at MissDomino, I've just learned something amazing!
Walter Dean Myers has been named the 2012 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature!
The quote found on is just ONE of the many things I love about Mr. Myers and is his platform policy.
For more information on the office of the NAYPL, click the above screenshot.
For a truly inspiring post that says what I was thinking far better than I ever could, check out K.C.'s blog.