Saturday, March 15, 2014

Laser Tag in the Library

So, I kept hearing all of these wonderful gaming and activity programs that people were trying in their libraries.  Everything from mini-golf to hide-and-seek, so I thought laser tag would be a great and fun end to Teen Tech Week this year.  We had a great time, and it went along even better than I thought.  Want to try it?  Or at least hear about it?  Well here ya go! 

How did the program go?  Was it well attended? 
The program was a great success.  Before the library closed that night, we had 50 teens waiting!   
I was the only librarian in present, but our security monitor also stayed later that evening.  Along with us, we had about ten teen volunteers.  Four served as wranglers, three served as referees on the floor during the rounds, and three helped me with timing the rounds, running the music, and doing announcements.
We had two waiting areas: Our teen room has all glass windows, so the larger group would wait there, and in the main area the two teams that would be going next were seated to wait their turn. 

Were there any safety concerns and how did I address them?
To address the safety issues, I had the referees out on the floor to watch for horseplay and aggressive behavior.  With there being so many teens in the building, I also separated them into two waiting areas. The referees were also quick to remove anyone who'd been tagged out, so that there were only active players on the floor. 
We made sure to keep all of the pathways clear, and only turned over a few tables as hiding places, but otherwise, only our regular shelving was used. 

Would I run this program again?
Absolutely, we're hosting it this summer actually as a part of our summer reading programming.  

What would I do differently if I were going to run this program again?
For this time, rather than having the teams wait in the teen room, I will also be opening up our study rooms, which are also fully glass, so that there is even more separation, and those waiting can better see the rounds as they go.  
I'm also going to be working with the same volunteers so that they can show me what they felt worked and didn't previously.  Otherwise, I think it went very well.  

Did I use any sort of liability release forms for the teens or their parents?

If not, why?
Honestly, and it sounds silly, but I didn't even think about it.   
Perhaps that will be something I can look into this time.

Pics and Video from Laser Tag night!


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