Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Club: Ransom Rigg's Style

Writing Club was AWESOME today!!

First of all, I am starting this new season of writing club with a drastic location change.  Rather than using our youth services activity room, I have decided to move us upstairs to the adult conference room.  I'm hoping that this move, from the dark basement where friends and distractions can just wander in, participants will start to feel like they're in a serious classroom and that what they do matters.  

My teen summer reading program this year is all about spies and conspiracy theories, so I thought it would be cool to alter our writing club sessions this summer to fit the theme.  

Ransom Riggs, with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and now the sequel, Hollow City under his belt, has really set a nice tone for the use of writing prompts and tools.

With that in mind, I brought in a bag of photos that my and and I uncovered in our attic.  Most of these were people that we couldn't place, or couldn't quite recognize, so I didn't mind creating fictional worlds around them.  And my teens had an amazing time building new worlds. 

From a banquet photo: A celebratory dinner for Hitler.

From an old house and a flower girl: A horror tale similar to Hansel and Gretel.
From a photo of my graduation from kindergarten: an interesting take on how parents have to overcome fear to let their children grow up.
And from a photo of a kitchen table: a haunting tale of cannibalism and loneliness.  

I'm REALLY looking forward to this season of writing club.  
And really grateful for Ransom Riggs' great idea.  

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