Hootie HooGreeting or call of/for recognition by member of group and/or to alert other members of desire to participate in activities.

I'm a lot of things.  Librarian. Blogger.Activist. Gamer. Reader. Writer. SillyChick.

Right now, I am a Teen Services and Outreach Librarian in a suburban village near Chicago.

I love owls, media, and good stories.
The purpose of this blog is to share books, games, and technology I encounter as I try desperately to keep up with my fast paced profession.  I'll try and share giveaways when I can and provide tips to fellow librarians, teachers, etc.

The opinions and commentary expressed here are my own and not directly related to my library or other professional outlets.

Look around, stay a while, comment, come back often!
The social owl found around this site was designed by this awesome chick here. It was found here. Check it out to learn where the owls came from, or grab one of the free ones for yourself.
Graphics used on this site are for review or entertainment purposes only, and no copyright infringement is intended whatsoever.

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